Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Old Stone Face... And the Marble Statue

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If I'm honest, mine are hardly worth that many. Each is worth a few pithy or sarcastic comments, but we are talking in the neighbourhood of dozens of words (at best). Where am I going with this? Well, when a picture is taken of a face carved in stone, the words become rather more limited, which I find a bit of a challenge. Particularly if one is discussing old statues of Greek and Roman myth-people, as they all seem so very dramatic (gratuitously, even). Sure, there are reasons for doing this, and some have to do with the school/style of the time. That is not my point. My point is probably nearer to that I find life can often be summed up by odd stone faces.

Allow me to demonstrate. Here we have "Triumphant Nude Bloke Holds Aloft Grotesquely Severed Head of Snakey-Haried Lady." Trust me on the nude bit... this is not that kind of blog. Notice, however, how calm the visage, how light but steady the grip from the slightly out of proportion but very muscley left arm. This is often how I imagine myself when I achieve vindication. Of any sort, really, even if just because the thing I told everyone would happen, did. Or when I see the guy who threw me under the bus last week get told off (because I was being far too nice to do it myself... why do I have to "pick my battles?" sometimes I just want to pick them all). Any rate, I digress. Triumphant, Snakey, Vindication. We've all been there.

Speaking of places we've all been...the following should look familiar.
No? Ok. How about this?
Well, maybe not EXACTLY this, but... Ok, maybe this is better.
I think it is safe to say that we can all sympathise with the above struggle. Maybe you've been the angry guy holding the nasty club-thing, beating your enemies to a pulp. If so, good on you. Sometimes, though, we all get that "I'm the bleeding centaur again!" feeling; that "Life has me in some freakish sleeper-nelson-choke-hold and is about to club me in the torso" sensation. I know I have. At the very least, I know we have all at one time or another (don't deny it) made this face, even if just inside where no one could see it:

Another face I am fond of making is this one. This, "I know something you don't know," face. Sometimes it is very short lived, and sometimes it is followed by the above shouty upside-down face. But devious wench that I am, the devious face is one of my faves. On others, however it can be a bit unsettling, particularly if that other is a child. Or a superior at work. Or a cat.

Life, in so many ways, is a struggle. We struggle for money, time, things, positions, advancements, notice, clothes sizes, immortality, and so on and so forth. Sometimes is seems we are always going from one fight with a lion...... another with a wild boar (or a roaring bore...)

And sometimes it can all be solved by hugging it out, right?
Aww... don't be like that... hug it out....
Come on... Please? You'll feel better! Please?

Alright, you two. Just stop. That's more than enough. I'm calling a truce. In the name of the... uh... Hold on, I got this.... on the tip of my brain... Ah stuff it. Carry on!

On days when we don't struggle, sometimes things just go quite right. A bit eerie, but take it, right? And when things are a bit ok, just wallow in it, because dammit, you ARE doing it right, and people DO think you are the best, and lets face it, you are just too sexy for any of them...
 That's right. Who needs a stinking catwalk when you can just sit there in front of a fountain and bust all kinds of moves for the crowd?

To close, Life makes us do some crazy things, but it is just in return for doing Crazy Things to us. Sometimes we feel a bit like the nutter with the just know he's doing something naughty.

Other times we feel like Really Confused Guy...or maybe Really Concerned / Sad Guy. Takes some weighty stuff to get brows to furrow just quite that deeply. It's going to be OK, there, bud....

And other times still, we feel like Gerard Butler in that one movie...Seriously... is this not him? "THIS...IS... Florence?" Either way, badass here plans on ruining someone's just know it. Look at that head cock and deeply serious face. I want to have his mood. That face would stop the line-of-sight taskers in their boots.

 All just stuff that makes a girl wonder. And wish. To not be one who talks a good game but really just be a wuss. Take that, Universe! is what I say (in my head...)
Hmmm... I guess it IS that kind of blog...