Monday, June 18, 2012

Rodeo's Rodeo - The Animals

A rodeo is an interesting beast. I find that in a rodeo, one can see much of life mirrored - sometimes with a bit of distortion, funhouse-style. One announcer compared it to baking a cake: it needs all the right ingredients to come out just right. Of all the ingredients, the animals involved are truly essential. And pardon the anthropomorphising, but they are really just like people. Performing people in particular (note the quality alliteration). Behind the scenes, life is pretty simple.
Downright sleepy, in fact...
Even the kids get to hang with the working mothers between takes (absentee fathers, you see...classic showbiz family).
Showtime is a different matter. Both under saddle and under straps (hmmm with the verbiage...)

It's all business. Very professional, no? (Should I tell them they missed the steer? Naw, they probably know)
Then there's the always popular "take your kid to work day"
But sometimes, you just gotta say, "Damn the torpedoes! Freedom!" (am I mixing films again? Ah well)
Without the glare of the spotlights (and without the added stress of flank straps and big men on horseback in pursuit), even the bovines get to revert to their natural state. And I think we all know that particular state...

Just happy to be there.
Aren't poor short term memories great? Earlier it was this (and will be again, no doubt)
And this...
To close, even the sheep have play. Both as abetters in legalised child abuse...(and who doesn't love that?)
And cheap entertainment for fans of monkey cowboys (there must be enough out there to warrant the effort, but I suspose there are fans of just about everything)
Next Time on Rodeo's World...The events